Trasna na dTonnta

Seol tweet as Gaeilge - bí cuid den chomhrá domhanda!
Send a tweet in Irish - join the worldwide conversation!
4 - 8 Feabhra, 2019 · 4 - 8 February, 2019



Looking for some ideas to tweet ‘as gaeilge’?

  • My name is Seán!
  • Greetings from ________.
  • I’m proud of my Irish roots!
  • I never knew there was an Irish language!

  • I wish I was in Ireland today!
  • I like ham sandwiches.
  • Peig Sayers was underestimated!
  • Dancing at the crossroads.
  • My ancestors came from ________.
  • I am proud to have a few words of Irish!
  • I am happy to celebrate the Irish language.
  • I am delighted to be able to tweet in Irish.
  • I enjoy / love _____________.
  • This is my first tweet in Irish.
  • Send me an Irish tweet!

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